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About Us

We are founded with the sole purpose of re-inventing the way we diagnose diseases.

Our Story

Sanwa BioTech was established in December 2012 with the vision of transforming the diagnostic landscape.

Our mission is to save lives by streamlining clinical diagnostic processes. We focus on combating time-critical and life-threatening disease and outbreaks with our automated, multi-target diagnostic testing platform.


At Sanwa BioTech, we believe that impending changes are coming to conventional clinical diagnostics and academic R&D for bio-discoveries. We aim to become a driving force for these changes and to revolutionize healthcare solutions into the future.


To realize our vision, we have developed industry-leading personalized Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) and digital healthcare solutions. This provides patients with rapid diagnostic results to enable suitable treatment at unprecedented speeds. With our cutting-edge POCT platform and BioChip system, we deliver accurate and actionable diagnostic results for faster clinical decisions. This rapid response and disposable BioChip can be used in human healthcare, pet health, livestock surveillance, and food safety for disease monitoring, especially at the human-animal interface (HAI) to combat infectious disease outbreaks.

Our vision remains unchanged, and we have been working hard to become a key player in Asia with design, knowhow, and manufacturing capability - all vertically integrated.

Our core team comprises of members from cross-functional backgrounds in business, biotechnology, advanced micromachining, and microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) technologies. Fuelled by a strong entrepreneurial passion, the team came together to revolutionize the healthcare industry by developing a ground-breaking POCT platform and advanced BioChip for simplified and versatile testing solutions.

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We comply with international standards of medical device quality management system and risk management.

Learn more about our facilities, safety compliances and working conditions!

Messages from Our Interns
Mandy Lee

University College London

"I believe this experience has built a solid foundation for my future career in the fields of life science."

Joy Heewon Jung

University of California Berkeley

"I am so thankful to have been an intern at Sanwa Biotech!"

Ziuwin Leung

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"SBT has given me valuable insights of the field that I wouldn't have been able to find elsewhere."

Lindsey Gil

University of California Berkeley

"Their patience and commitment to coach me is what allowed me to learn so much."

Nikunj Agarwal

City University of Hong Kong

"I gained through hands on experience in fast paced laboratory environments."

Anderson Seamus Lee

University of California Berkeley

"The people at Sanwa were always eager to educate me about Hong Kong culture."

Kelly Chu

Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

"Working at SBT leaves me a more in depth understanding of the biotechnology industry."

Henry Chan

The Chinese University of Hong Kong

"All the colleagues are willing to teach and provide me opportunities to explore new things."