At Sanwa Biotech, we provide diagnostic solutions based on our microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) platform, including integrative portable device, single-use BioChip, analytical software & data management system, which brings convenience and value in diseases monitoring and supports clinical decisions, improves patient’s health and overcomes challenges on global health care.


We develop self-contained LOC diagnostic platforms such as ALiA, Ariel, Thetis. Each of these platforms is a miniaturized solution that consists of microfluidic program, optical units, control units and individual power supply system, which can run microfluidic chip without any fluidic interfaces to the instrument. The microfluidic chip integrates a microarray bio-sensor, called BioChip, to deliver all pre-loaded reagents and the specimen to be tested according to a specific test program and perform different process steps of fluorescent immunoassay on the microarray.

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