Medical Testing

POC platform provides medical professionals an innovative solution to make faster decision and to facilities urgent treatment, as a result of improving health outcome. Designed for easy operation and simple sample preparation, ALiA can be used easily in medical setting without additional laboratory support.

Veterinary Testing

Veterinary clinic can directly provide animal testing in single visit. With our POC platform, veterinarian can conduct infectious disease detection and animal health monitoring to make a more accurate treatment decision. Our novel technology and qualified result can effectively smooth the demand of veterinary testing market.

Environmental Testing

Our POC is portable which brings transformation to the traditional environmental monitoring and provides multiple Point Of Need (PON) benefits. Decentralized tests not only lower the logistic cost and time, it also provides a real-time result that has comparable performance as reference laboratories.

Food Safety

Rapid on-site detection of microbes and allergens in agri-food allows operator to control the quality of product lots on locations. With the reliable test results, operator can take early intervention to prevent further financial and liability loss.


We provide customized solutions on pharmaceutical and academic bio-discovery R&D tools to detect specific peptide targets, for instance drug therapeutic targets, pathogenic agents or personalized immune-biomarkers.

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