1 - Point-Of-Care (POC) refers to “near-patient” areas, for example in the following cases:

  • Within hospital: in emergency units, in acute departments like intensive care units, or other outpatient's’ department.

  • Outside hospital: in institutions, in nursing and care units, in community treatment centres, at clinics in primary health care, in physician’s offices and at patients’ side.

(IFBLS’ Guideline regarding Point-Of-Care Testing)

2 - Lab-on-chip (LOC) refers to a cartridge that integrates several laboratory functions on a single chip. LOC deals with the handling of extremely small fluidic volumes.

3 - Microfluidic

Through complexed structure of ALiA ®’s advanced microfluidic technology, the chip can run the reagents and sample automatically without any fluidic interfaces to the instrument according to the test procedure in laboratory.

4 - Microarray

The technology of ALiA ®’s protein microarray is to incubate specific peptides onto a chemical processed glass slide in an extremely small scale. Combined with the microfluidic chip, the microarray will capture the target antigen/antibody from the sample to complete the fluorescent immunoassay. This microarray enables the ALiA ® platform to perform multiplex diagnostics in one test within 15 minutes.

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