Sanwa BioTech was established in December 2012 by William Yim and a core team of co-founders with entrepreneurial spirits and cross-functional backgrounds in business, biotechnology, advanced micromachining and microfluidic Lab-On-Chip (LOC) technologies. They formed the basis for this concept of bringing forth a multi-target Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) solution for faster and more accurate diagnostics of time critical and life threatening diseases. 



At Sanwa BioTech, we believe that impending changes are coming to the way to conventional clinical diagnostic & academic R&D for bio-discoveries. We aim to become a driving force for these changes to revolutionize healthcare solutions into the future. Sanwa BioTech delivers rapid diagnostics and accurate information through our Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) device and BioChip for faster clinical decisions and better economic outcomes. 

William is the founder of Sanwa BioTech. He has extensive knowledge in electronics, optics, precision mechanics and advanced manufacturing technologies. William is a renowned technologist and inventor, having obtained numerous design and invention awards covering telecommunications, opto-mechatronics and biotechology as well as 80 patents.

William Yim

Founder and CTO

Kelvin is the co-founder of Sanwa BioTech. He was involved in multiple M&A projects and global integrations including the US$700 million acquisition of Next-Gen sequencer company, Ion Torrent. Kelvin has extensive experience in advanced biotechnology and operational strategy, and he holds a M. Phil degree in molecular biology from the University of Hong Kong and MBA from Anderson School of Business UCLA.

Kelvin Chiu MBA, MPhil



We aim to simplify and improve our healthcare and clinical diagnostic outcomes using only a single drop of sample. We focus on combating known and unknown, time critical & life-threatening diseases outbreaks with an automatic, multi-target diagnostics platform with accurate results in 15 minutes.  This rapid and portable Lab-On-Chip platform can be used in human healthcare, pets health, livestock and food safety for disease monitoring, especially at the HAI (Human Animal Interface) to combat infectious diseases outbreaks.


In clinical applications, we develop a wide range of rapid diagnostic panels for testing multiple diseases with a single, simple test, including respiratory infections, cardiac markers, tropical diseases, and sexually transmitted diseases.  


We also develop non-clinical applications for agri-food (animal), and offer customized solutions for clients on pharmaceutical and academic bio-discovery R&D, detection of specific peptide target, be it pathogenic agent or personalized immune-biomarkers.

Joey Ying

Vice Chairman

Joey is an environment engineering expert with over 40 years of experience. Joey is a HK delegate of Tianjin Municipal Committee in the Chinese People’s Political Consultation Conference.

Wong Ming Yam


Non Executive Diretcor

MY is the former senior vice president of Royal Philips Electronic, and former Deputy Chairman of HKPC, former Chairman of HKASTRI, former director HKSTP.MY is passionate about innovation and technology development.

Sam Ng

Sam is a successful brand builder and businessman. He is the founder and President of Max Choice, an international well-known Hong Kong brand, and he strives to incubate Hong Kong talents and technologies.

Isabelle Dutry PhD

Dr Dutry has over 15 years of international infectious disease research experience and worked in Institute Pasteur during the SARS and avian influenza outbreak


Chief Scientific Officer










  • Foundation of Sanwa BioTech Ltd.

  • Launch 1st biotech project of Innovation and Technology Support Programme on “Novel Lab-On-Chip Diagnostic Application for Rapid Swine Influenza Virus Detection” in Hong Kong

  • Launch ALiA Prototype 1.0 at Hong Kong Science Park

  • Launch ALiA Prototype 2.0 for influenza diagnostics

  • AIA/Nest accelerator programme

  • Inno China Entrepreneurship Competition 2015

  • Equipment and Machinery Design of 2015 Hong Kong Award for Industries

  • Best SME's Award-The Hong Kong General Chamber of Small and Medium Business

  • Gold Award with Jury Recognition and Prize of the National Authority for Science Research and Innovation Romania-The 44th Inventions Geneva

  • Launch ALiA Prototype 2.5 for clinical application

  • ISO 13485 certified

  • Top 50 Guangzhou Hong Kong Macau Greater Bay Area Biotech Enterprise

  • Technological Achievement Award of Hong Kong Awards for Industries

  • CE conformity of ALiA 

  • Clinical trial in Hong Kong

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