A Lab-On-Chip (LOC) is a small microfluidic device that integrates multiple laboratory functions into a single chip with a size ranging from a few square millimetres to a few square centimetres. At Sanwa BioTech, we integrate ultra-low volume microarray with program-controlled lab-on-chip system to form a BioChip. This BioChip is a miniaturized diagnostic laboratory interface specifically for point-of-care use to allow healthcare providers to perform onsite end-to-end test without centralized laboratory facilities.



Microfluidic is the technology for the precise control of fluids at very small scale. Our LOC diagnostic platform utilizes microfluidic technologies and incorporates multiple functions into a small BioChip. The self-contained BioChip provides a seamless testing experience without any fluidic interfaces to the diagnostic analyser for minimal cross-contamination risks.


The technology of protein microarray is to print and incubate specific proteins and peptides onto a chemical processed glass slide in extremely small scale. Combining with the microfluidic chip, the microarray will capture the target antigen or antibody from the specimen to complete the fluorescent immunoassay. This microarray enables the platform to perform multiplex immunoassay at one test within 15 minutes.


Fluorescent Immunoassay

Fluorescent Immunoassay is a bioanalytical technique typically used to measure the presence of specific analytes in a solution including small molecules such as amino acids and macromolecules such as pathogens and proteins. The high sensitivity and specificity of fluorescent immunoassays are achieved by the specific binding of antigens to antibodies. The high adaptability, specificity, and sensitivity of fluorescent immunoassay make it one of the most robust and commonly used biochemical tests in both research laboratories and in the healthcare industry.


Intellectual Property

Sanwa Biotech holds 15 patents, 5 design patents and 19 trademarks to protect our intellectual property.   ​The Point-Of-Care platform ALiA is protected by patents in worldwide.