Sanwa BioTech has a diverse and educated management team.

Executive Chairman & Founder,

Chief Technical Officer

William Yim

William is the founder of Sanwa BioTech. He has extensive knowledge in electronics, optics, precision mechanics and advanced manufacturing technologies. William is a renowned technologist and inventor, having obtained numerous design and invention awards covering telecommunications, opto-mechatronics and biotechology as well as 80 patents.


Chief Executive Officer

Kelvin Chiu

Kelvin is the co-founder of Sanwa BioTech. He was involved in multiple M&A projects and global integrations including the US$700 million acquisition of Next-Gen sequencer company, Ion Torrent. Kelvin has extensive experience in advanced biotechnology and operational strategy, and he holds a M. Phil degree in molecular biology from the University of Hong Kong and MBA from Anderson School of Business UCLA.

MBA, MPhil

Chief Scientific Officer

Isabelle Dutry

Dr. Dutry has over 15 years of international infectious disease research experience and worked in Institute Pasteur during the SARS and avian influenza outbreak.


Chief Financial Officer

Peter Ying

Peter has over 10 years of financial management, internal controls, risk management and financial reporting experience. He is a Member of the Hong Kong Institute of Certified Public Accountants.


Vice Chairman

Joey Ying

Joey is an environment engineering expert with over 40 years of experience. Joey is a HK delegate of Tianjin Municipal Committee in the Chinese People’s Political Consultation Conference.


Non Executive Director

Wong Ming Yam

MY is the former senior vice president of Royal Philips Electronic, and former Deputy Chairman of HKPC, former Chairman of HKASTRI, former director HKSTP.MY is passionate about innovation and technology development.



Sam Ng

Sam is a successful brand builder and businessman. He is the founder and President of Max Choice, an international well-known Hong Kong brand, and he strives to incubate Hong Kong talents and technologies.

Director of Project Management Office

Edward Chu

Edward has 18 years working experience with over 15 years in management position at biotech industry. He has knowledge of management, manufacturing operations, technology transfer and administration, quality experience. Prior to Sanwa, Edward worked at a multinational company in vitro diagnostic test kits production. He has abundant experience and knowledge in setup IVD production line under GMP standard.

Regulatory Affairs Manger

Veronica Wong

Veronica comes from a strong chemistry research background. She holds a MChem from Durham University, with her research focusing on alkali-doped fulleride superconductors. Veronica also holds a PhD from the University of Cambridge, specialising in using solid-state nuclear magnetic resonance for biological material structural elucidation and to probe protein molecular dynamics.


Engineering Manager

Witson Chan

Witson has comprehensive knowledge in electronic hardware and software design, extensive experience in the field of electronic appliance R&D and manufacturing. He is also a certified six sigma black belt professional. He is focusing on platform R&D projects and setup automatic production lines for BioChip manufacturing expansion.


Senior Software Engineer

Shao Wei
Shao Wei.jpg

Wei got her PhD from Nanyang Technological University, Singapore. Before moving to Hong Kong, she has over 10-year experience on the product software in medical device and in vitro diagnostics industry in Singapore, including Biobot Surgical, Veredus Laboratories and etc.


Senior Scientist

Lok Choi
Lok Choi.jpg

Lok was a Product & Process Scientist in a bioprocess plant in New Zealand. He developed manufacturing processes for various FDA and CE-IVD registered IVD controls for major players in the global IVD market. Prior to that, he worked in Antibody & Immunoassay Services - the commercial sector of the State Key Laboratory for Pharmaceutical Biotechnology based in the University of Hong Kong.


Marketing &

BD Manger

Janet Li
Janet Li.jpg

Janet comes from both biotechnology and medical engineering backgrounds. She holds a master degree in Biomedical Engineering, with her research focusing on developing innovative diagnostic biosensor with nanomaterials. Janet brings to Sanwa her various experiences in industrial research, business development and product launch.


General Manager

Siu Mei Lee
WhatsApp Image 2021-04-20 at 5.54.44 PM.

Siu Mei has been working for 25 years in corporate governance and policy, financial and logistics management, and human resources.

Senior Scientist

Mike Au

Mike has more than a decade of participatory experience in basic and clinical microbiology research. His Ph.D. thesis was completed at University of Hong Kong. Mike is author of over 20 peer-reviewed publications and was PI/Co-I of over 5 local research grants focused on the molecular mechanisms underlying protein functions in bacteriophages and mycobacteria.


Production Manager

Gigi Lam

Gigi earned a PhD in Biomedical Sciences from the University of Ulster in United Kingdom. Her PhD project was on identification of novel DNA as cancer therapy target. She then moved to the Department of Chemistry in Baptist University of Hong Kong undertake a research position on drug discovery, screening and luminescent probes development.