Get multiple results with a 15-minute test

Sanwa BioTech develops self-contained Lab-On-Chip (LOC) diagnostic platforms such as ALiA (Array-based LED-induced fluorescent Immuno-Assay). ALiA is a miniaturized solution that consists of a microfluidic-microarray BioChip, an optical unit, an integrated control unit, and a power supply system, which can run the BioChip without any fluidic interfaces to the instrument. The BioChip holds a sensor microarray and integrated microfluidic minimized chip for delivering the specimen and other possible reagents to perform different process steps in a diagnostic test.

We provide Point-Of-Care Testing (POCT) solutions to transform diagnostic landscape to promote better clinical judgment, and a more effective healthcare system for patients.

POCT is designed to be used at the time and place of patient care with no need of access to laboratories. Our POCT solution allows healthcare professionals to obtain accurate, lab-quality diagnostic results in a timely manner in comparison to a laboratory test. The portability of our POCT product also makes diagnostic testing more widely available in different settings.

ALiA Large.png

An end-to-end solution that delivers multiple results with minimal sample within 15 minutes.



Discover how our multiplex, microfluidic BioChips are changing the POCT industry with cutting-edge technology.